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Syster P

Syster P now in Vaxholm

Vaxholm – an island in the archipelago

We recently opened our first store in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm. Located in Vaxholm, or store is now even more available for our customers.
Remember to always keep your eyes open for news and update on our webside and the social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

In this post I will introduce to you one of the places in Stockholm, an cozy, small town and a magical piece of the archipelago a bit outside Stockholm city.

Vaxholm is an idyllic archipelago where you can take a moment from the hectic and high energetic city of Stockholm and relax your soul in this harmonic place. This magic archipelago is a perfect place to bring your family, friends or someone you love and where you can stay the night, the weekend or couple of days by take in to a hotel, a bed & breakfast or even go camping, for those who enjoy that.

There are tons of beautiful greens and sightseeing everywhere, you can take the boat around the isle, or even hire a bike to explore this lovely town. Don’t forget to take a swim in the refreshing water surrounding Vaxholm, if there is right season for that of course. Maybe you enjoy play golf or fish? These two activities are highly recommended for a pleasant and tranquil experience. After a day full of activities you can enjoy restaurants that offers lovely dishes from the typical Swedish kitchen. And not to forget the shopping, take a walk around Vaxholm shops and enjoy the cozy atmosphere, the unique boutiques and great personal service.

Don’t forget to check out Syster P store and collections in Vaxholm during your visit!

Unika smycken Unika Smycken Syster P



A Girls Mini-Guide: Stockholm

A Girls Mini-Guide: Stockholm

A mini-guide to Stockholm

At this moment I have a crush for my hometown Stockholm, the capital of Sweden! This time of the year when the sun is shining almost everyday the city is crowded with people and tourists from all over the world, and I just love the vibe that comes with it!
The positive energy, the smell of fresh flowers, the warm breeze and not to forget all of those beautiful people and inspiring fashion and characters running through the city amazes me everyday!
No doubt, Stockholm is one of the greatest fashion cities in the world.

In this post, I have put together 7 reasons why YOU should visit Stockholm this season. These seven reasons I have chosen and collected with careful consideration and I promise that they will create a need for you to travel to this magical and great city of Sweden!


A Girls Mini-Guide: Stockholm

Source: Mood Stockholm

Shopping – MOOD Stockholm

Here you can find stores with unique collections, and a lot of the famous swedish designers have their concept store in MOOD.  Also popular brands such as Rodebjer and Posh Living and otherinternational brands recently established in Sweden, for example Ralp Lauren and a lot lot more are all a great reason to visit the mall. Plus, you´ll find our jewelry in Mood Details:)
If you need a break from shopping, there are also popular bars, coffeéshops and restaurants like for example Boqueria, Vigårda and E.A.T to name a few of them that should be on your Must-Visit list.

Where: Regeringsgatan 48, Stockholm
Instagram: moodstockholm
Website: www.moodstockholm.se



A Girls Mini-Guide: Stockholm

Sightseeing – Gamla Stan

Gamla stan means old town in Swedish, it is one of the largest and best preserved medieval cities center of Stockholm’s main attractions. Stockholm as city was founded in Gamla stan year 1252 and here you can find tons of different antique stores, unique and cozy restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Don’t forget to bring your camera; this is a place where you find inspirational and magical buildings everywhere!

Where: Gamla stan, Stockholm
Website: www.gamla-stan-stockholm.se



A Girls Mini-Guide: Stockholm

Hang out – Humlegården

After a long day of shopping in big cities you often get the ergs to calm your body and soul. One popular and lovely thing to do this time of the year in Stockholm (if the sun is shining) is to visit parks with the ones you love and enjoy. You can have wonderful picnics, do some activities such as play sports, or just relax, walk around and take a moment from the high speed and energy level there is in the city. Humlegården is a park in the central of Stockholm, this means that you don’t necessary have to go by train or bus to get there.


A Girls Mini-Guide: Stockholm

Activities – Hornstull market

Hornstull market is an outdoor market that is stretching along the waterfront. Many locals have it as Sunday entertainment just because the market is only open every Sunday at 11:00-17:00, from April to October. Here you can bargain hunting among the stalls with vintage clothes, arts and gadgets. There are also several food trucks lined up for those who are hungry.

Where: Hornstulls strand, Stockholm
Website: www.hornstullsmarknad.se



A Girls Mini-Guide: Stockholm


Coffee – Under Kastanjen

Stockholm has plenty of cozy and great coffee shops; one of my favorites is “Under Kastanjen”. This place is located in the wonderful, idyllic Old town (Gamla Stan) and it is also a bakery and a bistro bar where you can buy and eat amazing and fresh baked bread. Here you will not only experience the lovely location and its surrounding, but also great “typical Swedish” food such as meatballs and much more.

Where: Kindstugan 1, Gamla stan, Stockholm
Instagram: underkastanjen
Website: www.underkastanjen.se



A Girls Mini-Guide: Stockholm

Garden & Coffee – Rosendahls trädgård

The idyllic, biodynamical and lovely garden in the heart of Stockholm, Rosendahls garden is a perfect place where you can bring your family and friends, order tasty and organic soups, sandwiches or salads, and if you just want a delicious pastry you can buy a piece and walk around in this magical garden that is full of beautiful plants and flowers. You can also buy yourself or someone else a flower in Rosendahl gardens own plantshop.

Where: Rosendalsterassen 12, Stockholm
Instagram: rosendahlstradgard
Website: www.rosendahlstradgard.se


A Girls Mini-Guide: Stockholm

Restaurant – Kung Carls bakficka

To directly translate the name of the restaurant; King Carls back pocket, has a menu with well prepared dishes from both Sweden and France. The restaurant has its own character with the feeling and true spirit of the turn of the century. The whole interior is breathtaking and it will take you back to another time. It hardly gets cozier than this!

Where: Norrlandsgatan 28, Stockholm
Instagram: kungcarlsbakficka
Website: www.kungcarlsbakficka.se


Love & Cheers!

utvald bild

Bohemian Chic with Syster P

For many, the beloved summer is right around the corner and with the popular season comes along a patch of beautiful, colorful and creative outfits. Dreamy laces, sheer fabrics in pastel tones and patterns that reminds of a beautiful canvas. 

A lot of our jewelry are feminine and romantic with a twist. One timeless and effortless style such as the bohemian chic is quite popular during the warmer month of the year. The maxidresses, lace jumpsuits, sandals, hairscarves, it all creates a sense of calmness and brings creative back to live after a slummering winter sleep.

I´m very fond of the bohemian chic style beacause as long as your effort goes to putting together and outfit that makes you feel comfortable and if you have a slighty sense for mixing and matching patterns and fabrics, your´re all good.

But, in case you lack inspiration, we created a moodboard at Syster P Pinterest–Boho Chic, please check it out:)

Although, what I like most about the bohemian chic style is not only by its beautiful looks, but also that you can breath and feel free in it.
The Syster P jewelry (Länk) collection has different colored crystals and chains in both gold and silver, which gives multiplicity of options on colors and patterns that you can match your jewelry with.

Belov, I´ve put together a few favorites, but if your want more inspiration, visit our Pinterest account, Syster P

Necklaces from Syster P in gold with pink opal

Necklaces from Syster P in gold with pink opal

Scarab necklace in gold and pink opal


Love & Cheers//
Merih Thea






Jewelry Online

Crystal Meanings – Garnet


Boost your self-esteem with – GARNET

I have a thing for red stones, they feel mysterious and in some way like there is a story behind them. In the amazing Syster P jewelry collections there is a stone called Garnet and you´ll fint it on ”Adorable Oval necklace” in gold.
Mixing red and gold creates that extraordinary, exclusive and rich feeling and glams up any outfit.
Check out our Adorable Oval necklace here!

I believe that you are now curious and would like to know if the meaning and properties about garnet is something for you?

Garnet for business people

Garnet is said to be excellent for the hard working and driven character, this because legends say it is known for successful business. Unfortunately sometimes with hard work comes stress, and with stress comes depression, though some traditions say that if you put the stone under your pillow, then it could cure depression.

Some people say that if you wear jewelry with Garnet, then the stone could increase your self-esteem and possibly make you popular, excellent for all those business people out there if you ask me!

What is also amazing with this stone is that it is said to boost digestive tract and immune system. Some also say that it can relieve anxiety and promote composure, courage and endurance. Garnet is known as the stone that can offer us physical, emotional and spiritual support.

Necklaces from Syster P in gold with pink opal

Crystal Meanings – Pink Opal


It is time to present one of my favorite stones often seen in Syster P jewelry collections, Pink Opal. You will find this beautiful stone in different jewelries such as Adorable Flower necklaceScarab BraceletScarab Necklace and for those who style edgy I can definitely recommend to check out Shark Bracelet and Shark earrings
You´ll find all these beautiful pieces in silver and gold at our webshop, www.systerp.com
Go check them out!
Pink Opal

”Shark” in silver and pink opal

Why I find this stone so amazing is not only because of its lovely sparkling and boheme color but also the meaning of the stone is affecting me. Pink Opal has according to the legend some strong properties and is used to enhance jewelry and calme down the soul.
This charming, pink stone is said to be excellent for those who often feel nervous and anxious in tense situations. With anxiety and regularly worry comes stress and according to studies there are a lot of people suffering from a variety of disorders related to stress. Far too many if you ask me…
Necklaces from Syster P in gold with pink opal

A variety of necklaces in gold and pink opal

Legends says it heals broken hearts
Have you ever had your heart broken? Or maybe your friends? Anyway, the legends and traditions say that Pink Opal can heal a broken heart AND even help you to move forward after a heartbreak.
Some traditions say that the stone brings love, peace and hope. Many people also believe that Pink Opal can calm and sooth your emotional body. It is said to be the stone of LOVE, but only for the faithful lovers.
Scarab necklace in gold and pink opal

”Scarab” in gold and pink opal 

Peace & Love!

A Mini-Weekend Guide to New York City

A girls mini-guide to New York City

New York: The city that never sleep

New York City. One of the most interesting and vivid places in the world. I say place, because New York City is more than a city. It´s a culture that has influenced and inspired people all over the world.

For me as a fashion editor, New York Street Style is like the Holy Bible and no matter what, I always scroll through the internet for new street shoots and captures.
The main reason I got in touch with Syster P  was actually for their passion and love for places, in particular New York. My curiosity needed to be nourished, and now when I´m one of the crew, I really understand why N.Y is inspiring them to design and create jewelry that not only looks good and matches almost everything, but also where every little detail and piece has a story behind. A value, something untold.

A big city like N.Y has endless amount of things to do, sights to visit and places to eat. I´ve gathered a few of my own favorite spots in the city for a weekend and I hope it will serve as a good starting point if you plan your trip to the city that never sleeps!

Places to visit

#1 Artist & Fleas Market

A Weekend Guide to New York City: Artist & Fleas Market


Where: 88 Tenth Avenue, Manhattan, and 70 Seventh Street, Brooklyn
 When: Saturday and Sundays at 10am-7pm
What to find: Artists & Fleas is a weekend market that brings together the vintage and the contemporary designed by a number of local artists and designers. You’ll find anything from jewelry to accessories to bicycle parts to home decor.

#2 Ralph´c Coffee

A Weekend Guide to New York City: Ralph´s Coffee

Where: 711 Fifth Avenue

Ralph Lauren is giving the coffee shop scene a fashionable makeover with his first ever coffee shop. Located on the second floor of the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store, the designer’s cafe boasts coffee, espresso, pastries and a little shop of Ralph’s Coffee memorabilia—plus a chic area to enjoy your coffee, chat with friends and catch up on reading your favorite fashion tomes.

# 3 MoMa

A Weekend Guide to New York City: Ralph´s Coffee

Where: MoMA is located in midtown Manhattan, New York City, at 11 West Fifty-third Street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues.

The Museum of Modern Art, MoMa seeks to create a dialogue between the established and the experimental, the past and the present, in an environment that is responsive to the issues of modern and contemporary art, while being accessible to a public that ranges from scholars to young children.
Definately a place to visit when in New York!

# 4 Central Park

A Weekend Guide to New York City: Central Park

Where: 59th to 110th St., from Central Park West to 5th Ave.Manhattan BoroughNew York, NY 10022

843-acre urban park in the middle-upper Manhattan, New York City. Being one of the most visited urban park in the U.S Central Park is a spot worth Instagram-from.

# 5 West Village

A Weekend Guide to New York City: West Village

No matter if you are going on celebrity hunting, admire unique pieces of street art, relax in green spots, or just want to get lost amid its charming townhouses, eclectic boutiques and legendary bars and cafes, West Village in New York City is my favorite spots of all.

By: Merih


Crystal Meanings

Crystal Meanings – Larimar

Crystal Meanings – part III

It is time to present another beautiful oceanblue stone that Syster P is using to create lovely collections. This stone is found in two collections; Adorable and Scarab.  In this post I will tell you short about the meaning, history and properties about larimar.

Blue oceans and white clouds

In 1974 a man by the name of Miguel Méndez found the stone in the dominican republic, on a beach in the Barahoma province. The natives thought larimar derived from the ocean and passed this story to Mendez.  ”Mar” in spanish means ocean, and  Méndez beloved douughers name was Larissa.
So the ocean blue stone therefore was named Larimar.


Some people say, I would guess, women, that larimar nurtures the pregnant women´s body to relieve any depression and/or stress she might feel. There are also stories about larimar´s power to awaken the power of feminism and to sooth emotions.

Other traditions tell us the larimar teaches people to respect each, love and nurture one and each other. It said to block unhealthy emotional blocks and to release attachments we might suffer badly from.

Adorable oval pendant gold larimar

Crystal Meanings

Adorable flower pendant silver larimar

Crystal Meanings


Love & Cheers!


The Crystal Meaning of Angelite

Crystal Meanings – Angelite

Angelite- the crystal meaning

Angelite is another beautiful stone found in Syster P jewelry collections ”Dripping” and ”Nugget”.
It is recognized by its ocean blue color and is sometimes called blue anhydrite.
Jewelry from Syster P | The Dripping Necklace with angelite stone
The Dripping collection that comes in both gold and silver is a very classy and popular choice in our collection. The stone comes also as necklace, earring.
Crystal Meanings
Nugget collection includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces that comes in gold and silver.
Crystal Meanings
Traditions says that angelite brings calm and inner peace. In this post I will tell you more about the significant properties and meanings.

Calm and inner peace

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed,  some people say that angelite creates a psychic protection and balancing etheric and physical energies. The stone is known to make you calm and give you inner peace. Angelite has the effect that can maintain and build a harmonic relationship this because it is said to dispel anger, fear and also encourages forgiveness.
The meaning of Angelite is that it is used like a healing crystal and I use it to avoid headaches, different infectious diseases and inflammations and also for the circulatory system. Some say that the stone can also be used to connect with spirit guides, the higher self and guardian angels. 


Crystal Meanings – Howlite

The meaning of howlite

Howlite is a reoccurring stone in Syster P jewelry collections.
One of the popular necklaces with the stone is Dripping Necklace and this beautiful jewelry comes with a variety of stones.

Traditions tell us that the stone has several meanings and people use it for different purposes
In this post I would like to tell you what the story is and the quality of the properties.


Syster P


Several Properties
Howlite, a borate mineral,  was discovered near Windsor, Nova Scotia in 1868 by Henry How, a canadian chemist, geologist, and mineralogist.

According to howlite traditions it has several properties (beside being a beautiful stone), for instance spiritually, it´s a stone for awareness.
Many say that the stone prepares you to receive wisdom from the higher self and the divine and it´s also used for meditation.

The stone is also used to calm upset states of mind and emotions. It is said to decrease stress, anxiety, selfishness and brings calm and relaxation to the user.


Syster P


I use howlite to increase my creativity and to expand my self-expression which is important in my job.
In some part of the world, it is used as a healing crystal for pain, insomnia, leg cramps, anxiety disorders and stress-related illnesses.



Well, see you in a few days with a new crystal meaning!



Happy Easter!

Happy Easter folks! 

Spring is one of my absolute favorite season, and with spring comes easter!
Here is some inspiration from Syster P for you to add  to your social media feed during your spring break ?

Jewelry Online

Jewelry Online

Happy Easter