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Jewelry from Sweden

Spring Inspiration

Spring signs are everywhere, finally! In Sweden the winter is long and dark, so when my favorite season, spring arrives it´s pure happiness. I believe a lot of people feels the same and to celebrate this lovely feeling  I´m sharing some spring news at the shop:)

divine energy aum symboll

This symbol is sanskrit, and is called Aum. In hinduism, aum refers to the entire universe, the truth and the soul. And it stands for energy. ”Aum” comes as earrings and bracelet, and above you see ”Sparkle Bracelet Aum”. A lovely piece of jewelry that brings joy when carried.


Sister power bracelet from Syster P

The power of sisters. It´s a bond to be nourished, and this bracelet is a perfect gift to your sister, your friend or someone you care for. Sister Power Bracelet comes in a variety of colors, and you´ll find the bracelets above here.


Gold bracelet

This chic bracelet is called ”Mono Bangle” and has set crystal and monogram pendant with the text BAM.
It´s a favorite and comes in silver and gold plated and the size is adjustable. A perfect gift for you self, or someone you care for.


We wish you a wonderful weekend, with a lot of joy and happiness!

A "Smultronställe" in Stockholm

A ”Smultronställe in Stockholm”- Sibiriens Soppkök

Have you ever heard the expression ”smultronställe”? Obviously, if you’re from Sweden, you have. But those of you who aren´t, don’t even go for Google Translate for translation. Because some words needs to be put in context otherwise they loose their purpose.

”Smultronställe” is such a word that if you translate it from swedish into english without a context, describing it would be difficult and also a bit goofy. If you translate this word using Google or any other translation tool, the answer returned will be ” a raspberry place”or in best scenario ”hideaway”. And that is the meaning of ”smultronställe” for me; a place to go to, where I feel comfortable with the people, the interior, the coffee, food, art or whatever the place has to offer.

One of Syster P´s and my smultronställe in Stockholm is a small restaurant nearby the office, ”Sibiriens Soppkök”. It´s a little place in the corner of Roslagsgatan and Frejgatan in Vasastan.

A "Smultronställe" in Stockholm


”Sibiriens Soppkök” gives more of the feeling of entering a living-room rather than a restaurant. Among the dishes you´ll find homemade soups, some pasta and also a few sandwiches. If there are any food left when the popular lunch is over, they´ll serve it at the evening.

My absolut favorite from their is their Clam Chowder. I remember the first time I ate Clam Chowder, it was in Seattle 2003 and I loved it! Can you imagine my happiness when I discovered that one of Stockholm´s most cozy restaurants serves this soup:)) I was very, very happy!

Sibiriens Soppkök

Anyway, the weekend has  almost arrived and if you´re in the neighborhood stop by ”Sibiriens Soppkök” for a soup and some ”fredagsmys” (translate: ”Friday cozy”).

Wish you´ll a great weekend !
Pics: Google

Beckmans College of Design A/W16

Stockholm Fashion Week A/W16

Insight from Stockholm Fashion Week A/W 16 

One of the highlights in the capital of Scandinavia is Stockholm Fashion Week. I just love how the city turns into a jungle of fashion bloggers, editors, actors and photographers running in between shows and events.

As a fashion editor, I get the chance to visit fashion shows and in some cases even have a moment with the designers backstage to discuss collections, thoughts, philosophy and things in between.
For me, to have a moment with a person who is dedicated to create pieces of wearable art is truly inspiring and I always bring the new insight with me to put it in my box of ”Box of inspiration”.

The Fashion Weeks schedule was expected hectic, however, running in between the well-styled fashion shows and runway is a part of the big picture. Fashion Week is not what it is without the fast-and-curios atmosphere, the good stress vibes and not to forget, the meetings!

So I have A LOT of favorites among the designers and collection, and since it would be nearly impossible to list them all here, I´ve handpicked one to present for each day!

Day 1: Whyred Women

The collection ”A scene in Between” sets out to wash away the sartorial treasures of UK indie youth scenery.

Whyred is not only a label of fashion. It´s main core is a brand dedicated to lifestyle, art, music and tailoring. The charasteric if WHYRED design is wearable garments with a modern touch.

The collections and garments are inspired by everyday things such as various forms and classic forms; t-shirts, chinos and parka.

Since I LOVE Syster P jewellery I can´t help myself accessorize outfits with Syster P pieces.

For this collection I would definitely go for a simple and chic. And since I adore contrasts in fashion, I would choose accessoars that are female since Whyred has a lot of masculine vibes in their collections.



Designer A/W 16 : Roland Hjort & Jonas Bladmo

Whyred A/W 16 Whyred A/W 16 Whyred A/W 16 WWaw16_18 WWaw16_16 WWaw16_35 WWaw16_34 WWaw16_32 WWaw16_23 WWaw16_4


Day 2 Valerie

A few years ago when I bought my first Valerie dress and jacket, I almost didn´t dare to wear them. The new pieces became quickly my ”precious dress”. But what good comes from design that are not worn? None… right?

Valerie Aflalo, creative designer of the brand has a long experience of high fashion: Her father was the one to introduce Yves Saint Laurent in Scandinavia in the early 70s.

After returning from a trainee position with Renato Nucci in Paris, Valerie returned to Stockholm to start her own brand.

Today, Valerie is well known established Swedish fashion brand. Her way to design and create unique looks combining Swedish design and French luxury and her passion o finding characteristic European made fabrics: embroiled tulle, jacquards, lace and silk crepes makes Valerie a favorite on and off the runways.

Since Valeries design has a lot of details, a would once again go for something simple to accessorize. Beloved Bracelet (silver & gold) from Syster P is a favorite that goes with different styles and outfits. Another bracelet that I really love is ”Aruba”. This lovely one comes in a variety of colors:)

Valerie A/W 16 Runway


Day 3 Beckmans College of Design

Founded in 1939, The Beckmans College of Design, the college is a small art college for advertising and fashion. The third-year Fashion students mark the middle of their final-year studies with collaboration project with seven of Sweden´s most well-know fashion brands: Carin Wester, Cheap Monday, Filippa K, Hope, House of Dagmar, Ida Sjöstedt and Whyred. Fourteen students have interpreted the fashion brands and created new visionary collections. Students in Visual Communication have created the communication concept, including web and fashion films.

I just love the idea of having projects including established brands and design students. I believe the creations that are born from these kind of collaborations are something extra, something new and something different.

To this collection, that are dare, colorful and with a lots of details, I would go for a simple jewellery such as Dangling earring and Hera ring:)

Designers: Josephine Bergqvist, Amanda Blom, Filippa Borenius, Olle Daunfeldt, Siah Javaheri, Livia Schück, Isabelle Larsson Knobel, Jenny Larsson, Victor Lind, Klara Modigh, Petra Norden, Emma Röstlund, Anna Scholz, Johanna Welinder.

Love and peace//Merih


Featured pic

Sunday Moodboard

Beloved Bracelet from Syster P

Beloved Bracelet from Syster P

Sundays are fundays and also mood-days! Love to scroll all around the net looking for inspiration for the upcoming week ♡
Chic workwear

Yes, this is what I want to wear tomorrow. So chic yet comfy…



Just do it!


Street Style

Longing for the spring and summer!

Tokyo Shaw from Syster P

Oldie but goodie, Tokyo Shawl from former Syster P collection.


MInimalistic interior decor

Seriously, why don´t I have this wardrobe?Where art meets fashion


Paris, a place where art meets fashion?


"Anchor" earrings from Syster P

Perfect gift for my sister, ”Anchor” earrings from Syster P

Syster P - Swedish jewelry design

Say Hi to Merih!

Long time no see! Our only excuse is that we´ve been busy designing upcoming Syster P collections. Anyway, a lot have happened lately, among this we´ve added a new team member to our crew.
Let us introduce Merih, our digital PR-girl who is going to update you with the latest news and happenings from Syster P. Merih loves fashion, food and shopping! Like many she has a passion for sharing inspiration, and at our blog she will be showing you captures from Syster P and you´ll also get to see her life as a fashion editor for online fashion magazine Getstyled.

Welcome to Syster P Merih!


Syster P Social Media