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Bohemian Chic with Syster P

For many, the beloved summer is right around the corner and with the popular season comes along a patch of beautiful, colorful and creative outfits. Dreamy laces, sheer fabrics in pastel tones and patterns that reminds of a beautiful canvas. 

A lot of our jewelry are feminine and romantic with a twist. One timeless and effortless style such as the bohemian chic is quite popular during the warmer month of the year. The maxidresses, lace jumpsuits, sandals, hairscarves, it all creates a sense of calmness and brings creative back to live after a slummering winter sleep.

I´m very fond of the bohemian chic style beacause as long as your effort goes to putting together and outfit that makes you feel comfortable and if you have a slighty sense for mixing and matching patterns and fabrics, your´re all good.

But, in case you lack inspiration, we created a moodboard at Syster P Pinterest–Boho Chic, please check it out:)

Although, what I like most about the bohemian chic style is not only by its beautiful looks, but also that you can breath and feel free in it.
The Syster P jewelry (Länk) collection has different colored crystals and chains in both gold and silver, which gives multiplicity of options on colors and patterns that you can match your jewelry with.

Belov, I´ve put together a few favorites, but if your want more inspiration, visit our Pinterest account, Syster P

Necklaces from Syster P in gold with pink opal

Necklaces from Syster P in gold with pink opal

Scarab necklace in gold and pink opal


Love & Cheers//
Merih Thea






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