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Syster P now in Vaxholm

Vaxholm – an island in the archipelago

We recently opened our first store in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm. Located in Vaxholm, or store is now even more available for our customers.
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In this post I will introduce to you one of the places in Stockholm, an cozy, small town and a magical piece of the archipelago a bit outside Stockholm city.

Vaxholm is an idyllic archipelago where you can take a moment from the hectic and high energetic city of Stockholm and relax your soul in this harmonic place. This magic archipelago is a perfect place to bring your family, friends or someone you love and where you can stay the night, the weekend or couple of days by take in to a hotel, a bed & breakfast or even go camping, for those who enjoy that.

There are tons of beautiful greens and sightseeing everywhere, you can take the boat around the isle, or even hire a bike to explore this lovely town. Don’t forget to take a swim in the refreshing water surrounding Vaxholm, if there is right season for that of course. Maybe you enjoy play golf or fish? These two activities are highly recommended for a pleasant and tranquil experience. After a day full of activities you can enjoy restaurants that offers lovely dishes from the typical Swedish kitchen. And not to forget the shopping, take a walk around Vaxholm shops and enjoy the cozy atmosphere, the unique boutiques and great personal service.

Don’t forget to check out Syster P store and collections in Vaxholm during your visit!

Unika smycken Unika Smycken Syster P



A Mini-Weekend Guide to New York City

A girls mini-guide to New York City

New York: The city that never sleep

New York City. One of the most interesting and vivid places in the world. I say place, because New York City is more than a city. It´s a culture that has influenced and inspired people all over the world.

For me as a fashion editor, New York Street Style is like the Holy Bible and no matter what, I always scroll through the internet for new street shoots and captures.
The main reason I got in touch with Syster P  was actually for their passion and love for places, in particular New York. My curiosity needed to be nourished, and now when I´m one of the crew, I really understand why N.Y is inspiring them to design and create jewelry that not only looks good and matches almost everything, but also where every little detail and piece has a story behind. A value, something untold.

A big city like N.Y has endless amount of things to do, sights to visit and places to eat. I´ve gathered a few of my own favorite spots in the city for a weekend and I hope it will serve as a good starting point if you plan your trip to the city that never sleeps!

Places to visit

#1 Artist & Fleas Market

A Weekend Guide to New York City: Artist & Fleas Market


Where: 88 Tenth Avenue, Manhattan, and 70 Seventh Street, Brooklyn
 When: Saturday and Sundays at 10am-7pm
What to find: Artists & Fleas is a weekend market that brings together the vintage and the contemporary designed by a number of local artists and designers. You’ll find anything from jewelry to accessories to bicycle parts to home decor.

#2 Ralph´c Coffee

A Weekend Guide to New York City: Ralph´s Coffee

Where: 711 Fifth Avenue

Ralph Lauren is giving the coffee shop scene a fashionable makeover with his first ever coffee shop. Located on the second floor of the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store, the designer’s cafe boasts coffee, espresso, pastries and a little shop of Ralph’s Coffee memorabilia—plus a chic area to enjoy your coffee, chat with friends and catch up on reading your favorite fashion tomes.

# 3 MoMa

A Weekend Guide to New York City: Ralph´s Coffee

Where: MoMA is located in midtown Manhattan, New York City, at 11 West Fifty-third Street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues.

The Museum of Modern Art, MoMa seeks to create a dialogue between the established and the experimental, the past and the present, in an environment that is responsive to the issues of modern and contemporary art, while being accessible to a public that ranges from scholars to young children.
Definately a place to visit when in New York!

# 4 Central Park

A Weekend Guide to New York City: Central Park

Where: 59th to 110th St., from Central Park West to 5th Ave.Manhattan BoroughNew York, NY 10022

843-acre urban park in the middle-upper Manhattan, New York City. Being one of the most visited urban park in the U.S Central Park is a spot worth Instagram-from.

# 5 West Village

A Weekend Guide to New York City: West Village

No matter if you are going on celebrity hunting, admire unique pieces of street art, relax in green spots, or just want to get lost amid its charming townhouses, eclectic boutiques and legendary bars and cafes, West Village in New York City is my favorite spots of all.

By: Merih


A "Smultronställe" in Stockholm

A ”Smultronställe in Stockholm”- Sibiriens Soppkök

Have you ever heard the expression ”smultronställe”? Obviously, if you’re from Sweden, you have. But those of you who aren´t, don’t even go for Google Translate for translation. Because some words needs to be put in context otherwise they loose their purpose.

”Smultronställe” is such a word that if you translate it from swedish into english without a context, describing it would be difficult and also a bit goofy. If you translate this word using Google or any other translation tool, the answer returned will be ” a raspberry place”or in best scenario ”hideaway”. And that is the meaning of ”smultronställe” for me; a place to go to, where I feel comfortable with the people, the interior, the coffee, food, art or whatever the place has to offer.

One of Syster P´s and my smultronställe in Stockholm is a small restaurant nearby the office, ”Sibiriens Soppkök”. It´s a little place in the corner of Roslagsgatan and Frejgatan in Vasastan.

A "Smultronställe" in Stockholm


”Sibiriens Soppkök” gives more of the feeling of entering a living-room rather than a restaurant. Among the dishes you´ll find homemade soups, some pasta and also a few sandwiches. If there are any food left when the popular lunch is over, they´ll serve it at the evening.

My absolut favorite from their is their Clam Chowder. I remember the first time I ate Clam Chowder, it was in Seattle 2003 and I loved it! Can you imagine my happiness when I discovered that one of Stockholm´s most cozy restaurants serves this soup:)) I was very, very happy!

Sibiriens Soppkök

Anyway, the weekend has  almost arrived and if you´re in the neighborhood stop by ”Sibiriens Soppkök” for a soup and some ”fredagsmys” (translate: ”Friday cozy”).

Wish you´ll a great weekend !
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