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Jewelry Online

Crystal Meanings – Garnet


Boost your self-esteem with – GARNET

I have a thing for red stones, they feel mysterious and in some way like there is a story behind them. In the amazing Syster P jewelry collections there is a stone called Garnet and you´ll fint it on ”Adorable Oval necklace” in gold.
Mixing red and gold creates that extraordinary, exclusive and rich feeling and glams up any outfit.
Check out our Adorable Oval necklace here!

I believe that you are now curious and would like to know if the meaning and properties about garnet is something for you?

Garnet for business people

Garnet is said to be excellent for the hard working and driven character, this because legends say it is known for successful business. Unfortunately sometimes with hard work comes stress, and with stress comes depression, though some traditions say that if you put the stone under your pillow, then it could cure depression.

Some people say that if you wear jewelry with Garnet, then the stone could increase your self-esteem and possibly make you popular, excellent for all those business people out there if you ask me!

What is also amazing with this stone is that it is said to boost digestive tract and immune system. Some also say that it can relieve anxiety and promote composure, courage and endurance. Garnet is known as the stone that can offer us physical, emotional and spiritual support.